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Navy Gold Coast Opens Today

Posted by Katie Callahan on Jul 25, 2019 10:11:56 AM

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The San Diego Chapter of the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) presents the NDIA 31st Annual Department of the Navy Gold Coast Small Business Procurement Event:  Engaging with Small Business to Fortify National Defense.

Navy Gold Coast is a premier Navy procurement conference, held today and tomorrow at the San Diego Convention Center, 111 West Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA. Navy Gold Coast provides a forum to educate, guide and assist large and small businesses in support of the war fighter mission within the Department of the Navy and throughout the DoD. The event provides exciting and relevant topics delivered by government and industry experts, including panels, workshops and networking events. On the exhibit floor there are more than 200 government agencies and industry organizations, including the Navy Systems Commands. NCS is at Navy Gold Coast promoting our Rugged Servers, which the company provides to the Navy. NCS manufactures and sells rugged servers, standard servers, appliances and engineering services solutions to the military, government civilian agencies and businesses.  

 trade show 7.25.19-2NCS is also highlighting Durabook rugged laptop products. On display are the Durabook Z14i Rugged Laptop and the Durabook SA14 Semi-Rugged Laptop.  The Z14i Rugged Laptop delivers leading performance, a larger display, is more durable and has long battery life. The SA14 Semi-Rugged Laptop is versatile, powerful and delivers strong reliability.

NCS Is Expert In Rack Integration

NCS server expertise extends to rack integration. Our turn-key solution is used by the largest system integrators serving the US military and in complex environments in both ship-based and shore-based data centers.  Rack integration requires unique skills in power load balancing, cable routing, and weight load balancing to ensure the safety and performance of the equipment.

Our rugged servers are on duty 24/7 at sea and on land, in tight spaces and harsh environments. Our COTS solutions are engineered to meet customer-specific goals whether it’s maximizing configuration flexibility, optimizing cost or other initiatives. NCS scalable services capabilities are able to address as little as a single server integration to multiple racks of systems cabled, tested and ready for deployment.

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