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Virtualization & Secure, Multi-domain Computing Key Topics at AFCEA Cyber Symposium

Posted by Mike Turicchi on Jun 18, 2015 4:36:24 PM

We wrapped up booth operations today in Baltimore at the 2015 Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium and many conversations centered on the topic of virtualization.  Whether virtualizing the desktop in a datacenter environment (VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, etc.) or on a host workstation (OpenXT, SecureView) everyone recognizes the benefits of consolidation and centralizing management.SecureView

The NCS Technologies' VDI and Zero Client solutions drew folks from all parts of the DoD looking to improve data security and centralize management.  With the hacking incidents we heard about in the news recently several attendees were interested in solutions that enable user mobility while maintaining the utmost in data security.  Mobile Zero Clients do exactly that: No data at rest on the client device  and wireless connectivity for mobility.

The SecureView demo piqued the interest of the multi-domain guys.  The next release of SecureView is coming very soon, bringing enhanced user features and support for Intel Haswell architecture along with it.  The beauty of SecureView is that agencies can run multiple classes of networks on a single PC. 

As I mentioned earlier, the concept of a mobile zero client is getting everyone's attention when looking into the VDI space. Until now, zero clients were restricted to desktop implementations. NCS is the only company that offers a true mobile zero client laptop, and it is available in North America, the EU and Australia/New Zealand. For more information on the NCS Cirrus LT mobile zero client laptop, please check out the Zero Clients section under Products on this website.

For more information on the NCS SecureView product portfolio, I encourage you to check out the SecureView section of our website and to download our SecureView brochure.

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