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Army Common Hardware Systems Program Review Event

Posted by Katie Callahan on Jan 28, 2019 1:40:37 PM

Aberdeen Proving Ground, Tuesday, Top of the Bay

Please visit the NCS table at the Common Hardware Systems Program Review and Technical Exchange, Tuesday, from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m., Top of the Bay, 6817 Plum Point Drive, Building 30, Aberdeen Proving Ground. This event is sponsored by the Common Hardware Systems program office and showcases a technical exchange directly aligning with Army product office tactical commercial off the shelf information technology (COTS IT) hardware requirements.

NCS Technologies manufactures servers, rugged servers, appliances and engineering services solutions for all branches of the military.NCS servers image2-1 The military and other government agencies often bring us their toughest challenges. 

For instance, a customer-facing government agency needed NCS industrial-scale servers capable of operating in harsh environments. These servers needed special air filtration capabilities to capture minute dust particles created by processed paper. In another example, a branch of the military use our rugged vehicle-based systems to support forward-deployed troops.  Bouncing down dirt road in tactical environments, shock and vibration can wreak havoc on internal server electronic components.

NCS Is Expert In Rack Integration

NCS expertise extends to rack integration. Our turn-key solution is used by the largest system integrators serving the US military and in complex environments in both ship-based and shore-based data centers.  Rack integration requires unique skills in power load balancing, cable routing, and weight load balancing to ensure the safety and performance of the equipment.

Our COTS solutions are engineered to meet customer-specific goals whether it’s maximizing configuration flexibility, optimizing cost or other initiatives. NCS scalable services capabilities are able to address as little as a single server integration to multiple racks of systems cabled, tested and ready for deployment.

World-Class Services

NCS world-class capabilities span design and integration services, manufacturing and warehousing, and award-winning lifecycle support services. To learn more about NCS servers and services capabilities, please go here. Or just click on the button below.

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