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Defense Health Opens Tuesday in Orlando

Posted by Katie Callahan on Jul 29, 2019 10:13:55 AM

NCS Will Be At Booth #920

2019 Defense Health Information Technology Symposium will be held tomorrow through Thursday at the Caribe Royale Convention Center, 8101 World Center Drive, Orlando. This annual symposium provides the venue for critical information management and information technology knowledge sharing, innovative ideas, discussion of lessons learned and new developments. The symposium provides a unique opportunity for leadership to communicate effectively and proactively the Department of Defense's strategy to update, sustain, and integrate legacy systems while modernizing the electronic health record.

VMworld 2018Defense Health: 3 Focus Areas

HEALTHCARE IT VIRTUALIZATION FROM NCS - NCS will have on hand experts in desktop and server virtualization technologies. NCS will be showcasing its Cirrus LT Plus zero client notebook, the Cirrus desktops, the DT WiFi and Cirus DT 5230, plus details on licensing the Teradici All Access Solution software.

HP 3D PRINTING SOLUTIONS FROM NCS - NCS and HP experts will be at the booth to discuss HP 3D Printing Solutions - a capability that is increasingly important in health care. NCS is a leading HP 3D Printing partner and sells and services the compact HP Jet Fusion 580/380 Color and HP Jet Fusion 4200/5200 Printing Solutions for industrial prototyping and final part production. 

PARTNER SOLUTIONS FOR HEALTHCARE  - NCS and HP will shine the spotlight on the HP EliteBook x360 830 G5 Notebook, featuring Intel Core Processors, Windows 10 Pro, optional Outdoor Viewing Display and optional HP rechargeable Active Pen. Also at the booth will be the HP Z2 Mini G4 Workstation, which features high-end performance packed into a small and versatile device. Take on healthcare design projects and work in multiple pro apps with ease. The HP Z2 works almost anywhere and is the obvious choice  for the healthcare workplace.

WORKSTATION ON WHEELS (WOW) - NCS Cirrus DT WiFi is a proven hit in healthcare when coupled with Workstation on Wheels. With exceptional network capabilities in aisles, down long corridors and in patient rooms, Cirrus DT WiFi is the virtual desktop of choice for medical cart connectivity and patient care productivity. NCS has partnered with Ergotron StyleView to deliver a networking solution that is designed for enhancing workflow and superior caregiving. NCS and Ergotron deliver superior patient personalization, with data manageability, mobility and security.Teradici All Access Solution

Stop by the booth and learn about Teradici's All Access Solution, the perfect way to maximize the value of your Cirrus hardware investments. Many NCS VDI mobile and desktop solutions are based on Teradici's PCoIP virtualization technology. With Teradici's All Access plans, you get a complete set of remote access solutions, enabling lower IT costs and reduced admin time while giving users maximum flexibility. All Access securely delivers workspaces and applications from the cloud or datacenter, as needed. Existing applications can easily be migrated, mobilizing your creative teams and leveraging the power of GPUs in the cloud.

All Access allows the IT manager to manage, optimize and future proof any datacenter and zero client deployment. Datacenter elements and end points are always up to date, managed efficiently and supported by Teradici, the inventors of PCoIP technology. Infrastructure may easily evolve and scale, whether in the data center or the cloud. Teradici All Access subscribers get exclusive access to cloud access software, PCoIP Management Console Enterprise, firmware upgrades, resources and support.

Undecided about attending the Defense Health Symposium? We can keep you up to speed with our daily blog updates and our handy brochures. For example, please Download this HP 3D Printing solutions brochure.

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