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NCS Recommends UltraStar NVMe Series SSDs

Posted by Katie Callahan on Jun 25, 2020 11:13:13 AM

NCS Technologies recommends several Western Digital storage solutions for challenges in the data center. The UltraStar NVMe series delivers low latency and maximum throughput for high-transaction workloads.

Ultrastar NVMe series SSDs perform at the speed of today’s business needs. Enabling faster intelligence & access to critical data, these SSDs meet the growing digital demands of your business applications. ultrastar NVMe

Performance NVMe Ultrastar DC SN840 SSDs deliver extreme performance & ultra-low latency to the top tier of enterprise storage. With proven dual-port NVMe architecture, these drives are best suited for performance demanding platforms including HPC servers, mission-critical applications and workloads that require superior read/write performance and low latency.

Mainstream NVMe Ultrastar DC SN640 SSDs are optimized for consistent quality of service and low latency for mixed random read/write workloads commonly generated by top enterprise applications such as virtualization, OLTP, NoSQL, web servers, file servers and mail servers. Ultrastar DC SN640 enables a seamless transition from SATA SSDs, delivering high performance for deeper insights & faster results for today’s data intensive applications.

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