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Durabook S14I Semi-Rugged Notebook Perfect in the Field

Posted by Katie Callahan on Aug 13, 2020 2:28:25 PM

Value Pick for the Semi-Rugged Category

Built with an Intel® 8th Generation CPUs and Intel® UHD 620 graphics processors, the Durabook S14I Laptop is perfect for intensive data processing tasks, especially in the field where a semi-rugged notebook is needed. Comfortable delivering service in harsh environments, the Durabook S14I provides significant value, readily available from NCS at high-end notebook price point. The S14I semi-rugged platform is finding significant success in commercial markets, such as power/utilities, and in the military sector, including the U.S. Army and Air Force.

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NCS Highlights Durabook S14I Rugged Laptop

Posted by Katie Callahan on Aug 11, 2020 11:13:48 AM

High Performance For Intensive Data Processing

Built with an Intel® 8th Generation CPUs and Intel® UHD 620 graphics processors, the Durabook S14I Rugged Laptop makes intensive data processing a breeze. With the ultra-high-speed data transmission capability of Intel® Dual Band Wireless AC 9260 and Bluetooth® V5.0, all information is instantly synced and fed back to the data control center.

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Air Force Specialized Telework Award Solutions

Posted by Katie Callahan on Jul 30, 2020 10:10:21 AM

NCS Technologies offers office notebooks, mobile workstations, and a network slate tablet under AFWay Client Computing Solutions (CCS-2) Blanket Purchase Agreement, Covid-19 Specialized Specialized Order, to promote telework in the Air Force. The products were awarded in several categories and require no additional actions from the buyer as the Best Value Selection and Determination have already been accomplished by Air Force Information Technology Commodity Council (ITCC).

Network Slate Tablet Category - Durabook R11, Fully Rugged

The Durabook R11 is designed to maximize the efficiency of professional field workers. The Durabook R11 is only 0.79″ in height and weighs just 2.65 lbs, making it the world’s most compact tablet in the fully-rugged class. Adding to its appeal is a smooth, streamlined exterior that complements its tough image.
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NCS Recommends UltraStar NVMe Series SSDs

Posted by Katie Callahan on Jul 29, 2020 9:24:57 AM

NCS Technologies recommends several Western Digital storage solutions for challenges in the data center. The UltraStar NVMe series delivers low latency and maximum throughput for high-transaction workloads.

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Choose NCS Rugged Servers for Harsh Environments

Posted by Katie Callahan on Jul 29, 2020 9:22:13 AM

Servers and Storage for any Challenge

NCS Technologies has a growing family of Rugged Mission Systems Servers and Storage Solutions to meet demanding computing challenges for military and commercial customers.

As an example, NCS designs and manufactures rugged compute and storage systems for the U.S. Navy Submarine fleet. We are a supplier for the SWFTS TI20 program being deployed on the Virginia-class submarines. Our products are custom designed around COTS technologies. NCS products incorporate cyber resilient technology to meet the Navy requirements for cybersecurity. All products meet or exceed Navy MIL-STDs for ground, vehicles, shipboard, subsurface and aircraft.  NCS servers are qualified for use in the harsh environments and have been qualified to Team Sub’s Environmental Qualification Standards.

In general, NCS has 20+ years of experience providing compute solutions for traditional data centers and for outside of the data center in the harshest environments where traditional computers cannot survive.

NCS Family of Rugged Mission Systems Servers and Storage Solutions feature the latest Intel processors, memory, storage and high-speed I/O. The servers are powerful, scalable and efficient. They are engineered to meet the demanding requirements of mission critical applications.

Design, Integration and Testing
NCS offers complete hardware platform development capabilities and its manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 28000 certified. NCS does it all, from design, integration & testing, to manufacturing, warehousing, order fulfillment and lifecycle support services.
NCS uses the latest commercial state-of-the-art technology and incorporates it into our unique chassis designs to enable continuous operation in places that have high-temperature, vibration, shock, dust and salt fog.


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NCS Offers Broad Selection of Army Consolidated Buy 31 Products

Posted by Katie Callahan on Jul 28, 2020 2:19:48 PM

The Army's Consolidated Buy 31 program is now active. The NCS Consolidated Buy catalog is your premier resource for choosing the right desktops, workstations, notebooks, monitors and printers.

The ADMC-2 contracts are the Army's primary source of Commercial desktops, notebooks, semi-rugged and rugged devices, displays, printers and associated peripherals. NCS Technologies is a proud supplier under this contract.

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NCS and HP Partner for 3D Printing Solutions

Posted by Katie Callahan on Jul 27, 2020 10:04:57 AM

HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solutions For Government, Enterprise

3D printing is revolutionizing manufacturing by speeding up prototyping and time-to-market production.

NCS sells the compact HP Jet Fusion 580/380 Color and HP Jet Fusion 5200/4200 3D printers. NCS sells to the federal government in the continental U.S. NCS also addresses commercial and other government markets in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia.

HP is the innovation leader and it's technology makes it possible to create complex prototypes in a relatively effortless manner.

In addition to speed, when using 3D Printing some parts may also be manufactured at lower cost. The combination of easy prototyping capabilities, speed, high quality and attractive pricing all increase business flexibility.

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Work Securely From Home Using NCS Zero Client VDI

Posted by Katie Callahan on Jul 14, 2020 1:32:26 PM

Desktop Virtualization Right Fit for WFH Needs

NCS Technologies delivers zero client VDI solutions for desktops and mobility that are secure, cost effective and easy to use and administer. Maintaining strong security policies are now even more important as the workforce shifts to Work From Home (WFH) in the era of Covid-19.

NCS is a leading supplier of virtual desktop technologies to the government, military and commercial markets such as healthcare and retail. In the last five years, our desktop and laptop solutions are recognized for their strong security and effortless mobility and portability. As companies more and more implement WFH on a permanent basis, NCS devices powered by Teradici software can help IT managers maintain security and save money.

The Challenge of WFH IT Security

IT managers understand that regular work PCs used in the home are highly vulnerable to security breaches. It's common that work computers may be used by family members. In addition, a worker may not follow corporate security policies as diligently when working in the more relaxed home environment.

NCS Zero Clients Meet the Security Test

For many administrators, using zero clients is the best solution.  NCS Zero Clients are managed by VMware Horizon software and use the ultra-secure Teradici PCoIP remote display protocol.

NCS Zero Clients have no local OS. The operating system resides in the data center. Therefore, there is no persistent user data, no patches, updates or antivirus software needed. Of the many ways to virtualize at the endpoint, zero clients are proving to be the most effective solution.

More About PCoIP

PCoIP is a high performance computer display protocol used in endpoint VDI. PCoIP from Teradici uses advanced compression to provide end users with rich content from the cloud or data center. PCoIP securely delivers applications or workspaces to the endpoint by compressing and encrypting pixels. More than 10 million VDI endpoints use PCoIP.  NCS partners with Teradici for desktop virtualization. To manage virtualized endpoints, NCS recommends the Teradici All Access Plan.

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Use NCS VITA Catalogs for Virginia IT Buys

Posted by Katie Callahan on Jul 7, 2020 10:51:22 AM

NCS Technologies makes it easy for State of Virginia employees, and those involved in public education, to buy critical IT equipment - especially those involved in Work-From-Home (WFH).

NCS Print and PC VITA Catalogs Simplify Buying Experience

For PCs, accessories and peripherals, NCS operates under Contract Number VA-190822-NCS, known as Virginia Statewide PC and Notebook, Virginia Desktop, Notebooks, Rugged, Peripherals and COTS. This is a catalog-based vehicle. The Category 1 (personal computers), Category 2 (notebooks) and Category 3 (rugged notebooks) are discounted 23% off list price. The Category 5 (peripherals) products are discounted 15% off list price.

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NCS Recommends Teradici VDI Cloud Access Licenses

Posted by Katie Callahan on Jun 30, 2020 11:06:24 AM

NCS Also Sells VDI Hardware Solutions

NCS Technologies recommends Teradici software licenses for virtual workstation and endpoint computing. In addition, NCS is the innovation leader for the VDI hardware client solutions market. We offer a wide range of NCS-developed, patent-protected PCoIP Zero Client hardware devices for all desktop virtualization use cases.

Teradici Cloud Access Software

Securely deliver high-performance desktops to knowledge workers and power users requiring even the most graphics-intensive applications.

For skilled remote teams and contingent workers in computer-aided design (CAD), architectural design, 3D modeling and video editing, access to rich, interactive applications is mission critical.

Built on industry-leading PCoIP® technology, Cloud Access Software delivers high-performance virtual workstations from the cloud or your data center to the endpoint of your choice. And with PCoIP Ultra, Cloud Access Software now delivers high frame rate 4K/UHD graphics workloads without compromise. 

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