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Aligning Accelerated Digital Transformation with Sustainability Initiatives

Posted by Mike Turicchi on Aug 11, 2022 5:11:04 PM

The convergence of sustainability and digitalization creates both challenges and opportunities. This informative eBook from HP shows how a digital transformation can help reduce waste and identify money-saving energy efficiencies. Download it to see why this concept is attracting customers, investment and employees.
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Future Rail Communication Systems: Between Efficiency and Cyber Threats

Posted by Mike Turicchi on Aug 11, 2022 3:10:40 PM

Increasing digitalization is exposing the rail sector to cyber threats as never before. Read the blog to learn how new communication technologies will lead to significant improvements in terms of digital transformation and more efficient train control.
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Five Critical Considerations in a Hybrid Work Environment

Posted by Mike Turicchi on Aug 11, 2022 10:10:42 AM

Your organization may have all the technology plans in place to create a productive and successful hybrid and remote workspace program. What about the legal ramifications? This educational blog from the legal intelligence site JD Supra shows how organizations need to secure vital records and data management in this new era.
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Boost Your Remote Productivity

Posted by Mike Turicchi on Aug 9, 2022 5:20:34 PM

This infographic explains how SMBs can leverage a Remote Desktop Service (or RDS) to give their employees remote access to simple desktop applications such as MS Office and Outlook, as well as how a VDI solution is better suited to situations where access to more powerful applications or ultra-high-resolution graphics is needed. It goes on to discuss HPE Small Business Solutions for VDI that are built on HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers, and it even mentions how HPE Financial Services can offer SMBs flexible financing. For more information about HPE Small Business Solutions for VDI, please contact NCS Technologies, Inc..
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Work-From-Home Revolt!

Posted by Mike Turicchi on Aug 9, 2022 12:27:49 PM

Many employers are issuing directives for their employees to return to the office—and it's not being received particularly well by employees who have grown used to the flexibility afforded by remote work. How will this conflict play out?
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Department of Energy Rethinks Cyber Resilience in Strategy to Secure the Grid

Posted by Mike Turicchi on Aug 8, 2022 5:30:22 PM

The Department of Energy wants to help the energy sector incorporate more cybersecurity safeguards during the design phase and better withstand attacks. Read the blog to see why they remain optimistic they can find success in its new framework for building resilient clean energy systems that are capable of withstanding malicious cyberattacks.
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What Different Generations Think About Hybrid Work

Posted by Mike Turicchi on Aug 8, 2022 3:18:23 PM

It shouldn't come as a surprise that when it comes to opinions about hybrid work, there's a generational divide. Is it as simple as younger employees with limited work experience preferring the flexibility of hybrid work, while more experienced employees are more skeptical of the new trend? Read the blog to find out.
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Posted by Mike Turicchi on Aug 8, 2022 12:40:49 PM

Without the right tools, your hybrid workspaces will likely be as productive as dial-up internet. Check out this creative video about a young man's first day on the job, which consists of taking delivery of an HP EliteBook 600 and setting up his workstation at a cafe and at home.
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Receive a complimentary cyber risk audit

Posted by Mike Turicchi on Aug 8, 2022 10:22:07 AM

Most reports on the topic are claiming that despite the fact that U.S. government and industry have supercharged their efforts to defend against cyber threats, we're just as vulnerable to cyberattacks as we were five years ago. The unfortunate fact is, the bad guys have upped their game even more, most experts say. At NCS Technologies, Inc., we offer an independent assessment of your cyber risks and existing and required controls. Receive a complimentary cyber risk audit when you schedule direct
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Making hybrid work

Posted by Mike Turicchi on Aug 4, 2022 5:10:39 PM

Struggling to find rhythm in your hybrid work environment? Watch this webinar to learn the strategies for optimizing your hybrid workforce.
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