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How to overcome barriers to innovation in your IT organization

Posted by Mike Turicchi on Jan 26, 2023 11:11:38 AM

Fostering a culture of innovation in today's hybrid and remote business environment takes strategy. Consider these expert tips to break down common barriers.
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Cybersecurity Disclosures What Progress has been made?

Posted by Mike Turicchi on Jan 26, 2023 9:12:03 AM

Disclosures on cybersecurity practices for the S&P 500 and the remainder of the Russell 3000 are inching forwards in the face of increased expectations to be introduced by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in early 2023.
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Free Cyberthreat Assessment

Posted by Mike Turicchi on Jan 24, 2023 4:19:23 PM

Ensuring secure business operations is achieved by striking a balance between cybersecurity and efficiency and continuity. This requires organizations to regularly measure the effectiveness of security controls against real and potential threats. With our cyberthreat assessment offering, we can help you evaluate your cyber threats and ensure the effectiveness of your security controls. Receive a free Cyberthreat Assessment when you schedule direct.
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Optimize Your Hybrid Work Strategy

Posted by Mike Turicchi on Jan 24, 2023 2:30:15 PM

There isn't one "right" hybrid work strategy; the strategy that works for one business might be ineffective for another—and it's not just firmographics or different business models that determine the optimal strategy; geography matters too. Want to learn more about building the hybrid work strategy that's right for your organization? Get in touch with us today for a free demo.
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Only one major city ranks higher than Seattle for remote work

Posted by Mike Turicchi on Jan 24, 2023 11:20:15 AM

Nearly half of working Seattleites were working from home in 2021, according to census data. The numbers show how drastically commutes have changed and how Seattle differs from other cities.
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The 2022 Thales Data Threat Report: Retail Edition

Posted by Mike Turicchi on Jan 24, 2023 9:17:26 AM

Retail organizations have long been targeted by cyber criminals attracted to the industry for its size, large quantities of online and point-of-sale (POS) credit card transactions, and millions of POS and IoT devices with unpatched vulnerabilities and configuration errors that make them easy targets. A dependency on high-value, constantly available systems makes them attractive targets for ransomware and other attacks that seek to compromise humans. In this report, we summarize key findings from the 2022 Thales survey of retail security leaders and practitioners worldwide. Download the report to gain an understanding of the risks to retailers and how to reduce your exposure.
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Diving into Smart Water

Posted by Mike Turicchi on Jan 23, 2023 4:25:57 PM

This infographic makes crystal-clear the importance of the world's water resources and infrastructure. To improve water quality, shorten disaster response, extend the life of infrastructure, and lower capital costs, Cisco's smart water solutions provide advanced metering, condition-based monitoring, quality monitoring and more. To better oversee our "one water, one planet, one future," contact NCS Technologies, Inc. about Cisco smart water solutions.
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Critical Workforce Continuity for Water Utilities

Posted by Mike Turicchi on Jan 23, 2023 11:22:00 AM

This at-a-glance document, "Critical Workforce Continuity for Water Utilities," highlights how dependent water utilities normally are on in-person interactions to operate their facilities. What happens when a disaster prevents hands-on involvement? Water utilities can look to Cisco to empower their remote team by applying robust networking, rich collaboration tools, rigorous technology, and information security. Read more about requirements for supporting remote work, applying remote expertise, and sustaining remote operations, then contact NCS Technologies, Inc. for more information.
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As remote work persists, cities struggle to adapt

Posted by Mike Turicchi on Jan 23, 2023 9:10:45 AM

The shift to remote work will prompt cities to focus on broadband access and remote shared workspaces, as they contend for workers who can live anywhere.
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2022 Thales Data Threat Report: Retail Edition Infographic

Posted by Mike Turicchi on Jan 19, 2023 4:15:48 PM

In the 2022 Thales threat report, 65% of retailers rank malware and 52%, ransomware, as leading sources of spikes in security attacks. What other relevant findings are revealed? This quick-hitting infographic provides an at-a-glance. Download the infographic to explore highlights from "The 2022 Thales Data Threat Report: Retail Edition" including how ransomware is changing breach economies and impacts from ransomware attacks.
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