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Demo cost-effective cybersecurity solutions

Posted by Mike Turicchi on Mar 23, 2023 10:11:04 AM

More expensive protection doesn't necessarily mean better protection. We can help you navigate the saturated cybersecurity market and show you the right solution for your unique organizational needs, ensuring that your assets are protected cost-effectively.
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Best Practices for AI Security Risk Management

Posted by Mike Turicchi on Mar 21, 2023 5:19:55 PM

This blog examines Microsoft's latest efforts to tackle what it sees as a growing gap between the security and popularity of AI systems. Microsoft's ML team recently published a framework that explains how organizations can gather information on their use of AI, analyze the current state of their security, and create ways of tracking progress. The blog also provides a link to that report.
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Searching for a SIEM Solution? Here Are 7 Things It Likely Needs

Posted by Mike Turicchi on Mar 21, 2023 3:14:51 PM

Tech buyers 👋 Are you on the hunt for a new #SIEM solution? 90% of SIEM solutions will offer cloud-based capabilities by 2023, according to Gartner experts. Prioritize these 7️⃣ key features to find the best solution for your enterprise. #Cybersecurity #ITSecurity
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HP Wolf Security Threat Insights Report

Posted by Mike Turicchi on Mar 21, 2023 12:24:04 PM

If there's one entity that wants you to ignore cybersecurity trends, it's cybercriminals. Contribute to give them a bad day at work by downloading this HP Wolf Security Threat Insights Report. It reviews notable threats, malware trends and techniques identified by the renowned HP Wolf Security.
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Why an ironclad cyber defense strategy will be a top tech priority in 2023

Posted by Mike Turicchi on Mar 20, 2023 3:20:10 PM

Some enterprise tech trends ebb and flow, but demand for heightened cybersecurity protection is here to stay. 2023 is the year we'll see a wave of new businesses embrace cybersecurity strategies - here's why.
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Is tech creating more problems for the environment than it's solving?

Posted by Mike Turicchi on Mar 20, 2023 10:29:06 AM

Tech will often tout the sustainability credentials of digitisation, but with levels of e-waste rising, data centers spreading and even paper seeing increased use, how green can it be?
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Demo our newest sustainability tech

Posted by Mike Turicchi on Mar 18, 2023 5:10:08 PM

Sustainability initiatives are no longer just indicators of corporate responsibility; they're business value drivers that can help sustain a company's competitive advantage and grow revenue. We can help you link sustainability with profitability. Book a free demo of our newest ESG tech today.
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Mobile Threat Defense Best Practices

Posted by Mike Turicchi on Mar 18, 2023 3:10:10 PM

With threats to mobile devices on the rise, organizations need to turn their attention to mobile security. This video examines best practices to implement to help secure your organizations from threats to mobile devices.
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The New Wave Of Enterprise Sustainability Technology Investments

Posted by Mike Turicchi on Mar 18, 2023 12:10:21 PM

Today, sustainable business practices are considered a corporate obligation, and companies are taking sincere initiatives to measure and minimize environmentally unfriendly operations.
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HP EliteBook 835 13.3 inch G9 Notebook PC

Posted by Mike Turicchi on Mar 16, 2023 5:10:59 PM

Working remotely is a breeze when you have the right tools, like the HP EliteBook 835. It's the PC built to seamlessly fit into enterprise IT, and it also comes with the kind of features that let users work wherever they are. Download this datasheet to get the lowdown on why the HP EliteBook 835 should be on your organization's wish list.
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