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Need For Strong Healthcare IT Security Expressed by Attendees at HIMSS 2022 Industry Event

Posted by John Callahan on Mar 16, 2022 12:55:18 PM

Fewer Workers on Site and Staffing Shortages Persist in Healthcare Environment

Today is Day Two at the HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition in Orlando. HIMSS is the premier healthcare event of the year, where professionals throughout the global health ecosystem connect for the education, innovation and collaboration. Attendees visiting the NCS Technologies Booth 6759 are sharing the need for strong IT security and improved workflow processes in this pandemic and eventual post-pandemic environment.

A hybrid work model is here to stay, attendees say, for all industries, and that includes healthcare. With fewer workers on site and staffing shortages evident everywhere, healthcare administrators and workers are asked to do more. IT automation and streamlined workflow processes are increasingly important. IT security at the endpoint is even more critical.

To address these needs, NCS is showcasing a wide variety of healthcare-relevant solutions from our closest partners, in particular HP.

NCS is spotlighting its very own Cirrus Notebook and Desktop Endpoint virtualization solutions that are secure, cost effective and easy to use and administer. And in our close partnership with HP, we showcase HP Teradici capabilities and HP's Wolf Security suite of solutions that help deliver improved workflows and strong security


NCS' premier hardware suite of Cirrus Notebook and Desktop Endpoint Virtualization Solutions work in tandem with HP Teradici CAS software.

In a healthcare environment where a mix of hardware infrastructure exists from a variety of vendors, HP Teradici's CAS gives IT administrators the needed flexibility they desire. 

NCS and HP Teradici CAS are Perfect for Zero Client Endpoint Security

With healthcare administrators now facing daily reality of hybrid work staffing challenges, IT managers understand that PCs and other devices and infrastructure will be used in in the office, around the hospital, at home or on the road. These devices are absolutely vulnerable to cyber attacks. For many administrators, using zero clients is an excellent strategy to address security concerns.  NCS Zero Clients are managed by VMware Horizon software and use the ultra-secure HP Teradici CAS framework, which utilizes the PCoIP remote display protocol.

NCS Zero Clients have no local OS. The operating system resides in the data center. Therefore, there is no persistent user data, no patches, updates or antivirus software needed. Security concerns are addressed within the data center. Of the various ways to virtualize at the endpoint, zero clients prove to be a highly effective option. PCoIP is a high performance computer display protocol used in endpoint VDI. PCoIP from HP Teradici  CAS uses advanced compression to provide end users with rich content from the cloud or data center. PCoIP securely delivers applications or workspaces to the endpoint by compressing and encrypting pixels. More than 15 million VDI endpoints use HP Teradici's PCoIP.

More Solutions In the Booth

HP THIN CLIENTS - HP’s portfolio of thin clients are another way to deliver highly secure premium experiences with comfortable designs, serviceability, and productive connectivity. With HP Cloud Endpoint Manager you can easily deploy, update and manage your fleet while relying on built-in security, real-time device monitoring, and policy-based management.

With HP Thin Clients, choose from a variety of positions and mounting options to fit compact spaces. Ensure your fleet is equipped for productivity with configurable ports and an optional DisplayPort over USB Type C with power delivery. At the booth NCS is showing the HP t740 Thin Client with Windows 10.

LG Cloud Client Devices - LG's all-in-one Cloud Client devices simplify the mobile cart environment. With a secure thin client built into the display, healthcare staff can be outfitted with a highly reliable and simplified computing device.

In summary, the NCS Booth is loaded with amazing healthcare IT solutions from NCS, HP, LG, Ergotron and more. At this event we are very busy explaining the best strategies for keeping healthcare administrators ahead of the many IT and staffing challenges in this pandemic environment.

For information on any of the products and solutions on the booth, or to set up a meeting, please call Matt Cooke at 540.604.3710.

For more information on NCS Zero Client solutions, please go here:


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