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DSI Military Additive Manufacturing Summit Opens Today

Posted by Katie Callahan on Jul 27, 2021 10:24:13 AM

NCS and nScrypt 3D Printing Solutions at Booth 18

The Summit is now open at the Tampa Hilton! NCS is featuring nScrypt solutions at Booth 18. NCS has the exclusive right to sell nScrypt’s 3D manufacturing system product line to the U.S. Government, along with nScrypt. NCS Technologies also has nonexclusive right to sell nScrypt’s product line to commercial customers in the U.S. NCS services the equipment that it sells.   Military Additive Tampa

The Defense Strategies Institute 5th Annual summit is designed as an educational “Town Hall” forum, where thought leaders and key policy-makers across military services, defense agencies, and civilian organizations come together for education and discussion. This year’s summit focuses on the latest innovations in 3D printing technologies and the push across the DoD to rapidly supply durable, effective equipment and parts to the warfighter on the battlespace.

Additive manufacturing methods are being quickly integrated across the Armed Services to increase the current level of capability, while reducing the cost of parts, in order to deliver greater operational flexibility to the warfighter and further enhance the defense industrial base.

nScrypt’s exceptional precision and volume control solve a chronic weakness of 3D Printing: repeatability within tight tolerances. Drawing from the largest palette of commercially available materials, the SmartPump™ and nFD™ Material Extrusion tool heads can be used to combine plastics, metals, ceramics, and composites in single builds with exceptional tolerance and control. Using nScrypt’s changeable pentips as small as 10 microns, smooth surfaces with fine features can be achieved, without post-build smoothing.

"NCS is pleased to offer sophisticated systems like those from nScrypt. A single tool can provide complex designs with multiple materials including metals, polymers, liquids and even bio-materials. These systems round out NCS's additive manufacturing portfolio and enhances our ability to meet customer needs," said Joe Andrews, director, 3D Print and Services.

To set up an appointment to meet with NCS and nScrypt 3D Printing experts, or for immediate information or a price quote, please contact Kyle Stromberg at 571.405.1059.

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