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Servers & Appliances - When To Go Custom

Posted by John Callahan on Nov 12, 2015 10:57:33 AM

NCS Appliance & Server Engineering designs and builds products that serve as robust platforms for customers. We work with Independent Software Vendors, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Systems Integrators and smaller software companies in segments such as cyber security, high frequency trading, and IoT. Often our customers are satisfied with off-the-shelf platforms. But many are better served with a custom solution. 

Simply stated, when does a Custom Platform Solution make sense? 

When You Can Realize Cost Savings

With a Custom Platform Solution, you can deliver cost savings to the customer by eliminating components or features that are not needed. For example, eliminating some of the system's input output (i.e. USB, Serial and Ethernet ports) or removable drives, or possibly reducing the form factor can save power and weight. To take another example, moving a general purpose machine to a "computer on a module" design where the processor and all core logic are on a standards-based compute module that can then be mated to a custom "carrier board" housing only the I/O that is really needed.

When Off-the-Shelf Isn't Cost Effective

Go Custom made if you can't cost effectively meet the features or form factor needed, or if the environmental requirements are challenging.

Product Differentiation

Another reason to go to a Custom Platform is positive: You wish to differentiate your offer from the competition.  Areas that can be addressed through differentiation include the size of the platform, the form factor, power consumption, performance, lifecycle, combining features not commonly available together and branding.

Higher Volume

If business is up, a one-time up front investment in customization may allow you to realize a substantially lower unit cost across the volume, giving you exactly the product you need at the lowest possible cost.

Ensuring Customer Success

Off-the-Shelf or Custom Platform? Either way, we are focused on your success. We will be more than a partner. We want to be your trusted advisor.

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