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HIMSS17 and Data Protection

Posted by John Callahan on Dec 19, 2016 11:43:53 AM

Data Protection Is Essential Part of Healthcare IT

The 2017 HIMSS annual conference and expo is coming up fast, right after the holidays.

The global event is scheduled for February 19-23 in Orlando at the Orange County Convention Center and brings together more than 40,000 health IT professionals, clinicians, executives and ecosystem vendors. Education and the exposure to cutting-edge health IT technology and solutions are hallmarks of this annual conference.

Please join NCS Technologies at Booth #5644 at HIMSS17! Cybersecurity is a big focus on this event. Key focus areas for HIMSS17 include: helping improve an organization's security posture; what the current challenging and dynamic cyber threat landscape looks like today; what are the cutting-edge technologies addressing cybersecurity; and how best to prepare a healthcare organization to defend against cyber threats.

Cirrus_LT.jpgIn healthcare, patient data breaches are common and can be related to external attacks, or rogue employees can access personal data unrelated to job responsibilites, or patient records may be carelessly exposed by lost or stolen PCs. For IT administrators looking to constantly protect patient health and financial data, data protection needs to go beyond standard anti-virus updates.

Increasingly, health care IT administrators are looking to virtualization and to implementing the next generation of zero client desktop computers to improve overall IT manageability and deliver strong security to vulnerable end points. Virtualizing PC end points pay immediate dividends.

Zero Clients Are Essential Data Protection Tool

Virtualized zero clients PCs are becoming a key part of a healthcare cybersecurity strategy. 

Zero Clients are managed by VMware Horizon software and use the ultra-secure PCoIP remote display protocol. A zero client has no local OS. The operating system resides in the data center. Therefore, there is no persistent user data, no patches, updates or antivirus software needed. Of the many ways to virtualize at the endpoint, zero clients deliver super manageability, low cost of ownership and superior security protection.

If you would like to learn more about zero clients and how they help protect data, please download our brochure today.

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