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Zero Clients and Healthcare

Posted by Katie Callahan on Apr 17, 2018 11:23:58 AM

Our Virtual End Points Fit in Anywhere

NCS Technologies offers a broad portfolio of virtual end point solutions for any healthcare environment - notebooks, desktops and a portable WiFi-enabled desktop perfect for a Workstation on Wheels. In many healthcare facilities you will find NCS virtual computing solutions rolling down aisles, tucked into carts, sitting on nursing station desktops, on meeting room tables and in entry area kiosks. We particularly are in demand where mobility and portability are prized.

Let's learn more about the NCS healthcare portfolio!

Where Cirrus Fits

NCS, VMware & Teradici

The NCS virtualized zero client portfolio is managed by VMware and is powered by PCoIP technology for Teradici.

Zero Client Notebooks and Healthcare

NCS offers two zero client notebooks, the Cirrus LT and the Cirrus LT Plus. The Cirrus LT offers a 14-inch display, optional WiFi, a CAC reader and fingerprint reader options and an optional docking station. The Cirrus LT Plus has a 15.6-inch display, full numeric keyboard, and two 6-cell hot swappable batteries.  The options are numerous, including webcam, 4G LTE, WiFi, fingerprint reader, CAC reader, proximity card reader and docking station.

In a hospital, you can find these notebooks wherever mobility is prized, such as in a conference room for a meeting, carried to a bedside by a doctor and at work at a nursing station.

Zero Client Desktops

The star of our desktop portfolio is our Cirrus DT WiFi, which is known for its portability, manageability and strong security. The compact DT WiFi often can be found coupled to a Workstation of Wheels because of its strong networking capabilities in aisles, down long corridors and in patient rooms. At the desktop NCS also offers traditional virtualization solutions. The Cirrus TZ-202L and the Cirrus DT 5220 support dual display needs, while the Cirrus TZ-204L supports up to four displays. 

NCS Partners with Ergotron - and WOW

We already noted that the portable DT WiFi couples nicely with a Workstation on Wheels. NCS has partnered with Ergotron StyleView to deliver a mobile networking solution that is designed for enhanced workflow and superior caregiving.

Teradici All Access Solution

As also mentioned, many NCS VDI solutions are based on Teradici's PCoIP virtualization technology. With Teradici's All Access plans, you get a complete set of remote access solutions, enabling lower IT costs and reduced admin time while giving users maximum flexibility. All Access securely delivers workspaces and applications from the cloud or datacenter, as needed. Existing applications can easily be migrated, mobilizing your creative teams and leveraging the power of GPUs in the cloud.

HP t420 and t530 Desktop Thin Clients

NCS also offers two thin clients for those applications where the IT environment relies on multiple protocols such as Teradici's PCoIP, Citrix HDX or VMware Blast Extreme.  Our close partnership with HP in this case broadens our own product portfolio with additional small form factor, low-cost desktop and mobile devices. The HP t420 supports dual displays (VGA and DVI) and features 4 USB ports, WiFi and RJ45 networking connectivity. The HP t530 supports two displays via 2 DisplayPort outputs and features 6 USB ports, WiFi and RJ45 networking connectivity.

Learn More about Our Complete Portfolio of Solutions

Have an immediate question about the portfolio? Want to learn more about the Teradici All Access Solution? Please call Matt Cooke at (540) 604-3710 or Sales VP Jeff Lodes at (703) 743-4642.

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