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Join Us at DMC 2021 to Preview NCS' Portfolio of Additive Manufacturing Solutions

Posted by Katie Callahan on Dec 14, 2021 5:39:21 PM

NCS Booth #1336

DMC 2021, the Defense Manufacturing Conference, is open today through Thursday at the Gaylord Rockies Convention Center, Aurora, CO.

DMC is the nation’s annual forum for enhancing and leveraging the efforts of engineers, managers, technology leaders, scientists, and policy makers across the defense manufacturing industrial base. Leaders and manufacturing subject matter experts from government, industry, and academia exchange information and perspectives on defense manufacturing policies, strategic direction, best practices, funding opportunities, and the latest manufacturing innovations that will benefit our warfighters.

Attendees range from CEO- and Flag Officer/SES-level to working-level manufacturing-oriented engineers, scientists, and business practice/policy makers and include technology implementers, system designers and representatives of the warfighters. Typical attendance is over 1000, primarily government and industry participation, with a smaller complement from academia.

NCS partners with leading additive manufacturing companies from around the world to deliver manufacturing solutions for any need. NCS offers 3D Printing solutions using plastic, metal, composite materials and super polymers from the leading Tier 1 vendors for the creation of prototypes and finished parts meeting nearly all requirements.

At DMC 2021 NCS is featuring 3D Printing technologies from HP, Trumpf, Roboze and nScrypt.

HP Jet Fusion Solutions

NCS is a leading seller of the compact HP Jet Fusion solutions, including the HP Jet Fusion 5200 3D printer series. NCS sells to the federal government in the continental U.S. NCS also addresses commercial, healthcare, universities and other government markets in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. HP Jet Fusion 5200 Series

HP additive manufacturing solutions make it easy to create complex prototypes. In addition, some parts may be manufactured at lower cost. The combination of easy prototyping, speed to market, high quality and attractive price points all increase business flexibility.

HP Jet Fusion 5200 Printing  - This solution is ideal for mid-volume production environments. The Jet Fusion 5200 enhances manufacturing predictability. Get quality from fine detail and sharp edges to textures and optimal yield at industrial-level OEE. Produce functional parts with best-in-class isotropy with the latest generation of HP Multi Jet Fusion systems.

Reduce errors, failed jobs, and unplanned downtime with HP 3D Proactive Remote Service that includes service alerts. Uniquely predictable and consistent print time for any type of part no support structures needed.

Expand into new applications and markets. Address more final part applications with new levels of repeatable accuracy and best-in-class economics. Deliver a breadth of applications for various markets with PP, PA 11, PA 12, PA 12 GB, and TPU materials today, and more in the future. Address sustainability, with lower carbon footprint parts, and HP 3D materials offering industry-leading reusability.

Trumpf TruPrint 3D Printing Solutions

NCS resells Trumpf's additive manufacturing solutions throughout the U.S. NCS puts a deep focus on the TruPrint 2000, which offers a unique combination of process speed and build volume for a broad range of users. With its small 55µm laser beam diameter, the TruPrint 2000 provides a high-quality printing result which impresses with its surface quality and level of detail. It offers a build volume (cylinder) of 200 mm in diameter and a height of 200mm. The fullfield multilaser with two 300-watt fiber lasers from Trumpf – which scan the entire build area – delivers top productivity. Melt Pool Monitoring and comprehensive process monitoring ensure the highest quality standards. The production process with the TruPrint 2000 is a closed powder circuit under shielding gas. This allows for easy and practical handling, with the highest operator safety.

Roboze Additive Manufacturing Solutions

NCS partners with Roboze, a world leader in industrial additive manufacturing systems, specifically specializing in super polymers and composite materials.  The partnership with Roboze allows NCS to address new markets where safety and reliability are paramount, such as aerospace, industrial and medical devices applications.

Roboze solutions use super polymers and composite materials for the creation of finished parts where failure is not an option. Super polymers may replace metal parts because they are highly resistant to chemicals and corrosion, lightweight, and are electrically insulating. Roboze systems have proven to be ideal for use in aerospace, medical, oil and gas and electronics applications.

Roboze ARGO SERIES 350/500 3D Printers meet the needs of industrial manufacturing, solving common problems such as process repeatability, accuracy and the production of high performance polymers and materials. Argo solutions are advanced additive manufacturing systems developed to streamline production processes, save time and reduce costs. With Roboze’s ARGO solutions, you can optimize the supply chain via 3D printed parts by producing finished components at scale using the highest performing, high temperature, composite materials and super polymers.

nScrypt Additive Manufacturing Solutions

nScrypt is revolutionizing how, where and what can be manufactured.

3D printing is one important process of manufacturing. nScrypt’s exceptional precision and volume control can solve a chronic weakness: part repeatability within tight tolerance. Drawing from the largest palette of commercially available materials, you can use the SmartPump™ and nFD™ Material Extrusion tool heads to combine plastics, metals, ceramics, and composites in single builds with exceptional tolerance and control. When combined with Milling (nMill), Pick-and-Place (nPnP) capabilities and 6 Axis printing, you get a whole new capability to manufacture.

Please come to NCS Booth 1336 to learn all about these exceptional additive manufacturing solutions from HP, Trumpf, Roboze and nScrypt.

At the booth are additive manufacturing experts Joe Andrews and Kyle Stromberg. For an appointment or for more information please call Joe at 703.743.8512; or reach out to Kyle at 571-405-1059.

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