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Durabook Z14I Rugged Laptop from NCS

Posted by John Callahan on Jun 6, 2024 12:09:06 PM

Consider Durabook Rugged Computer Solutions

NCS sells Durabook solutions to government, military and commercial markets. Durabook offers a wide product selection of rugged laptops and rugged tablets.

Consider the Durabook Z14I Rugged Laptop, which offers unlimited customization choices.

Combined with the latest 11th Generation Intel® Core™ processor and Iris® Xe graphics capabilities, the Z14I rugged laptop can handle data intensive tasks at speed. It has been built to withstand even the harshest of environments. Its IP65 rating, protecting against dust and water ingress, MIL-STD 810H certification and resistance up to six feet drop make the Z14I more rugged than other comparable devices on the market. The device has also been tested for explosive atmosphere, solar radiation, salt fog, and fungus resistance, which goes beyond testing standards compared to other rugged devices in its class.

The Z14I includes Durabook’s proprietary DynaVue® technology, Coolfinity™ fanless thermal design and high-definition multi-touch screen, offering the highest contrast ratio, which helps to eliminate internal reflections that enhance viewing clarity even from different angles, and in bright sunshine or low light conditions.

Enhanced Performance

Z14I is equipped with Intel® 11th generation CPU featuring Iris® Xe graphics processor, and performance is enhanced to cater for congested data processing. With an ultra high-speed data transmitting capability of Intel® Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth® V5.2, all data can be instantly synchronized and fed back to the data center without any interruptions.

 Built for All Environments

With invincible mechanical design and rigorous component selection, the Z14I can adapt to any environments flawlessly. It is MIL-STD-810H certified with additional items such as explosive atmosphere, solar radiation, salt fog, and fungus resistance; it is also certified for IP 65 and a 6-foot drop guarantee. What’s more is that it has MIL-STD-461G certification and Coolfinity™ fanless thermal design which makes it more rugged than ever.

Flexible Customization Package

A smart device that offers you different types of interfaces with various selections of add-ons, which includes Thunderbolt™ 4, two RJ-45 ports, two RS-232 serial ports, ExpressCard 54 or PCMCIA Type II slot. In addition, USB options offer all capabilities of Type-C to Type-A, or USB 3.2 Gen2 to USB 2.0. For some customers, specific needs can be catered by our flexible customization package upon purchase.

Viewing at It's Best

The 14-inch Full HD 1080p widescreen display along with DynaVue® technology reveals every detail of visual image at a glance. Not only it has the brightness of up to 1000 nits but also the light-filtering technology makes the Z14I the best rugged laptop with highest contrast ratio (CR), which helps to eliminate internal reflections that enhances viewing clarity when viewed at different angles.

Durabook offers many other exciting rugged solutions, such as:

R8 Rugged Tablet

Combining the mobility and flexibility of its pocketable form with a business-focused design, the R8 fully rugged tablet offers a unique combination of revolutionary computing power, rugged features and high portability to withstand the most challenging environments.

Powered by Intel® 12th Generation processors, it is designed for professional operations close to the edge, where it is needed most. R8 features an 8” LCD display with Durabook’s proprietary DynaVue® technology for an exceptional viewing experience even in direct sunlight.
Weighing in at just 1.9lbs, the Durabook R8 sports a fanless and yet versatile expansion design for ultimate functionality.

Durabook has upgraded its U11 Rugged Tablet with the 12th Gen Intel® processor and other architectural innovations that establish it as the most versatile 11-inch rugged tablet. The U11 rugged tablet solution goes above and beyond standard requirements to elevate the professional user’s experience.

R11 Rugged Tablet

Designed for the harshest environments, the R11 is the world’s most compact 11.6” tablet in the fully-rugged class, weighing only 2.65lb and measuring just 0.79″ thick. Its smooth, streamlined exterior and neat form complement its tough image, guaranteeing optimum operational performance in every situation.

Featuring 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processor, a IP66 design and 4-feet drop protection, it is engineered to offer the best blend of functionality, performance and reliability for maximized efficiency of today’s professional workforce.

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