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Posted by John Callahan on May 28, 2024 5:26:21 PM

Roboze Specializes in Super Polymers and Composite Materials

Roboze is a global leader in offering 3D Printing solutions. NCS has a partnership with Roboze which allows NCS to address new markets in the United States where safety and reliability are paramount, such as the military, aerospace, industrial and maritime applications.

Roboze solutions use high temperature super polymers and performance composites materials for the creation of finished parts where failure is not an option.  Super polymers can replace metal parts because they are very strong and highly resistant to chemicals and corrosion, lightweight, and are electrically insulating. 

Roboze Argo Production Series 3D Printers meet the needs of industrial manufacturing, solving common problems such as process repeatability and accuracy in the production of high performance polymers parts. They streamline production processes, save time and reduce costs.  The Roboze Professional Series systems offer professional high temperature prototype and small run production printing with repeatability and accuracy during the entire production cycle.

Roboze ARGO 500

ARGO 500 starts the era of customized industrial production with super polymers.

The patented Roboze Beltless system has made the use of rubber belts in 3D printers obsolete, replacing them with racks and pinions, thus achieving the mechanical accuracy typical of a machine tool. Beltless technology, combined with the B&R industrial automation system, increases production speed, precision and repeatability of the printed parts.

ARGO 500 is the first 3D printer for super polymers equipped with PLC technology from B&R (ABB Group). Roboze and B&R have collaborated to bring for the first time industrial automation into 3D printing systems dedicated to metal replacement, making ARGO 500 integrate and communicate with the entire production workflow in smart factories.

Roboze has introduced on the market super polymers and composites suitable for the replacement of metal alloys in environments where high temperatures, high chemical resistance and mechanical properties are required. Thanks to industrial partnerships such as the one with SolvayRoboze has helped hundreds of companies to change production methods and replace metals, optimizing time and costs.

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