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NCS Rugged Servers Perfect for Harsh Environments

Posted by John Callahan on Apr 25, 2022 5:07:56 PM

NCS Solutions Used in Most Demanding Military and Commercial Applications

NCS offers a complete range of Rugged Mission Systems Servers and Storage Solutions for military and commercial customers. The NCS family of dependable Rugged Mission Systems Servers and Storage Solutions are perfect for a wide range of tough computing environments including military, manufacturing, energy and transportation.

We have 20+ years of experience providing compute solutions for traditional data centers and for outside of the data center in environments where typical computers cannot survive.

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For example, NCS is a leading supplier for rugged compute and storage systems in the most challenging applications for the U.S. government.

Our products are custom designed around COTS technologies. NCS products incorporate cyber resilient technology to meet all requirements for cybersecurity. All products meet or exceed typical MIL-STDs for ground, vehicles, shipboard, and subsurface.

There are nine classes of servers and storage solutions in the NCS branded family:

RMS-1000D - The RMS-1000D family of 1U Dual servers incorporates two servers into a single 1U chassis. This unique server delivers the highest density in a single 1U rack server.

RMS-1000R - The RMS-1000R family of 1U rear I/O servers delivers a powerful computing system in a traditional rear I/O configuring while minimizing size, weight and power consumption at an industry-leading price.

RMS-1001R - The RMS-1001R family of 1U servers incorporates a mini-ITX motherboard with 7th generation Intel i7 series processors to provide a low power solution for cost sensitive applications.

RMS-1018 - The Vortex RMS1018 delivers the full functionality of a powerful workstation in a convenient 1U rack mount form factor and is deployable both shipboard and ashore.

RMS-1500R - The RMS-1500R family of 1 ½ U rear I/O servers delivers a dual processor server with 4 PCIe slots, while minimizing the amount of rack space used.  This powerful yet flexible computing system provides flexibility and computing power at an industry-leading price.

RMS-2000F - RMS-2000F family of 2U front I/O servers deliver a dual processor based server with up to 5 PCIe slots. This server delivers maximum compute and I/O in a rugged 2U chassis that is only 18 inches in depth.

RMS-2001F - RMS-2001F family of 2U front I/O servers deliver a dual processor based server that supports multiple NVIDIA GPGPUs.. This high-performance compute server delivers maximum compute and I/O in a rugged 2U chassis that is only 18 inches in depth.

RMS-9000T - RMS-9000T family of LTO-8 tape storage systems deliver a high performance tape storage in rugged chassis. This unique storage system delivers tape storage and disk storage in a single 1.1U chassis.

RS210 - The versatile NexServ RS210 “Bunker Class” Rugged 2U server delivers high performance in a broad range of military and commercial applications.

NCS Family of Rugged Mission Systems Servers and Storage Solutions feature the latest Intel processors, memory, storage and high-speed I/O. The servers are powerful, scalable and efficient. They are engineered to meet the demanding requirements of mission critical applications.

Design, Integration and Testing
NCS has complete hardware platform development capabilities and its manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 28000 certified. NCS offers design, integration and testing, manufacturing, warehousing, order fulfillment and lifecycle support services. We use the latest commercial technology and incorporate it into our unique chassis designs to enable continuous operation in places that have high-temperature, vibration, shock, dust and salt fog.

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