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Posted by John Callahan on Sep 13, 2022 10:39:02 AM

TruPrint 2000 Delivers Speed and Volume in Additive Manufacturing

TRUMPF TruPrint-2000 3D Printing

The TRUMPF TruPrint 2000 is a part of a portfolio of metal additive manufacturing solutions that NCS offers for prototyping and time-to-market production. A family of TruPrint Systems deliver a unique combination of process speed and build volume for a broad range of users.

Federal and Commercial Sales

NCS Technologies is the Federal Government distribution dealer in the U.S. and does Commercial distribution and sales in the Northeastern U.S. for the TRUMPF portfolio of metal 3D printers.

NCS features three TruPrint solutions, the TruPrint 1000, the TruePrint 2000 and the TruPrint 3000.

TruPrint 1000 - This is a compact and robust solution for 3D Printing. The TruPrint 1000 can be used for processing any type of metal. It can be used to easily and quickly produce parts from complex CAD designs. TruPrint 1000:

  • Is simple and intuitive to operate
  • Maximizes productivity
  • Delivers high process speed
  • Offers mobile operation and monitoring

TruPrint 2000 - Users can make the most out of cost-effective 3D Printing with premium quality. TruPrint 2000 offers:

  • Highly productive premium component quality
  • Lower costs per part
  • Highest quality standards
  • Simple operation

TruPrint 3000 - Is a flexible solution for industrial 3D Printing. The TruPrint 3000 is a universal medium-format machine (LMF / PBF / LPBF) with industrial part and powder management. You immediately benefit from even more flexibility, quality and productivity for your additive series production: you will now receive the TruPrint 3000 metal 3D printer with two 500-watt TRUMPF lasers in the full-field multilaser option as well.

Productivity is almost doubled, independent of the component geometry, and the part costs are significantly decreased. Automatic monitoring and calibration of the multilasers during the build job facilitates optimum quality for printed multilaser components. The latest developments in shielding gas control additionally increase the component quality and reproducibility of the parts.

A Global Leader

The global high-technology company TRUMPF offers production solutions in the machine tool and laser sectors. In additive manufacturing, the company has the two relevant technologies, laser metal fusion and laser metal deposition, in its program. As a laser and machine manufacturer, TRUMPF masters the entire process chain and offers a comprehensive solution for the industrialization of additive manufacturing.

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