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NCS VDI and Teradici All Access

Posted by Katie Callahan on Apr 29, 2020 10:37:34 AM

NCS Branded Desktops and Mobile Solutions for Great VDI

NCS offers an innovative portfolio of VDI desktops and a laptop that are used in healthcare, civilian government, military, retail and industry. These products use PCoIP,  a high performance computer display protocol from Teradici.

PCoIP uses advanced compression to provide end users with rich content from the cloud or data center. It securely delivers applications or workspaces to the endpoint by compressing and encrypting pixels. More than 10 million VDI endpoints use PCoIP.

To manage all virtualized endpoints that use PCoIP, NCS recommends the Teradici All Access Plan.

HIMSS Healthcare Messaging.pngBuy the All Access Plan License from NCS

Teradici's licensing plan enables the lowering of IT costs and reduction of admin time. Existing applications are easily migrated as needed.

All Access allows the IT manager to manage, optimize and future proof any data center and zero client deployment. Datacenter elements and end points are always up to date, managed efficiently and supported by Teradici. Teradici All Access subscribers get exclusive access to cloud access software, PCoIP Management Console Enterprise, firmware upgrades, resources and support.

The learn more about how to purchase a Teradici All Access Plan license, please call Matt Cooke at 540-604-3710.

NCS VDI Hardware Solutions

The NCS hardware portfolio includes:

* Zero Client Desktops With Dual Display - Cirrus TZ-202L & Cirrus DT 5220
* Zero Client Desktops With Quad Display - Cirrus TZ-204L
* WiFi Zero Client Desktops with Dual Display - Cirrus DT WiFi & Cirrus DT 5230
* Zero Client Laptop - Cirrus LT Plus

Download this brochure to learn more about NCS hardware virtualization solutions.

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