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PCoIP Virtualization Technology Still the Best

Posted by John Callahan on Jun 7, 2017 11:33:34 AM

Users Ponder the Alternatives

The one-day VMware expo Carolina VMUG UserCon is now over, having attracted hundreds of attendees in Charlotte yesterday. NCS staff attending the show met with nearly everyone and report that attendees were very interested in NCS virtual desktop solutions. As expected at VMUG events, sophisticated VMware users expressed hard requirements for improving manageability, driving down cost of ownership and improving security. In all of these metrics, zero clients from NCS Technologies outperform thin clients from the Tier One PC vendors. IMG_7193.jpg

An underlying thread to many of the discussions was an interest on the best remote display protocol to implement. Users are aware of choices including Remote Desktop Protocol, PCoIP, Blast and HDX. For the VMware environment, many agreed that RDP, HDX and Blast lacked the fuctionality required to deliver the full PC experience, and the consistency and manageability IT managers prefer.

PCoIP Still the Protocol of Choice

It is the NCS view that the PCoIP protocol from Teradici remains the premier choice over alternatives, primarly because of its proven manageability, iron-clad security and the overall PC experience - even in challenging high definition environments.

PCoIP transfers the image of software running in the data center to any PCoIP end point (zero client). Because the protocol transfers images only, in the form of pixel location information, it's super secure - no secrets or personal data or business information ever leaves the data center. The PCoIP security module leverages the AES 256 and NSA Suite B cyphers, which meet the highest level of security required by governments.

In applications requiring higher bandwidth, PCoIP shines over the competition. If bandwidth becomes variable, competing protocols can deliver choppy screen results. But a PCoIP client, assisted by hardware acceleration, will maintain smooth video motion by slightly varying the resolution to optimize the viewing experience.

Keep in mind the NCS - PCoIP advantage:

  •          Mobile, portable (WiFi enabled) or desktop choices
  •          NSA Suite B security
  •          AES-256 encryption
  •          No hard drive
  •          No OS
  •          No local storage
  •          No persistent user data
  •          No antivirus needed


Resolve to Move to PCoIP Zero Clients

NCS has a zero client solution for every end-user need. Our portfolio includes:  
Cirrus LT - The industry's first zero client notebook PC
Cirrus LT Plus - A larger display, full keyboard and exciting options
Cirrus DT WiFi - A desktop with industry-leading portability and manageability
Cirrus TZ-202L - A desktop supporting up to two displays
Cirrus TZ-204L - A desktop supporting up to four displays

To learn more about our virtualization solutions, please download this brochureGet The Zero Clients  Brochure


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