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Resolve to Simplify Computing With SecureView

Posted by John Callahan on Dec 12, 2016 3:04:02 PM

 The New Year Is a Great Time to Become More Efficient

As we rapidly close the books on the calendar year 2016, we find many government analysts and knowledge workers still doing intelligence and DoD work using operating multiple PCs around their desktops.  That is because they must communicate each day using private IP networks at various classified levels and use each PC for a dedicated communications task.

This archaic concept can be rapidly eliminated by implementing government-approved SecureView.

SecureView, the multi-level virtual platform, allows a user to run multiple securely isolated environments on one PC or workstation, with hardware-enforced security. Designed for high-performance, power users, SecureView is the result of extensive development work by the Air Force Research Laborator (AFRL), the open source community, Assured Information Security and NCS.

SecureView is a low-cost, multiple-independent-levels of security (MILS) workstation-based-COTS technology which is based on Type 1 or bare metal client hypervisor. It allows single computer-to-host multiple-guest VMs running at different classification levels.

Many Government Agencies Have Made the Change

Government analysts looking for superior, hardware-enforced computer security are increasingly turning to SecureView. These analysts are tired of running multiple PCs at their desk, having to navigate via a clunky KVM switch.

SecureView provides local application execution and concurrent access to multiple security domains. This supports mission requirements, giving analysts the needed performance to run advanced applications, assess threats and share findings across agencies. At last count some 17 Department of Defense-affiliated agencies have deployed the SecureView platform on computers supplied by NCS, HP and Dell. The NCS systems approved for use include the Stratus MT and Stratus DT desktops and the Vortex MT and Vortex MDT workstations.

NCS and SecureView

From a vendor perspective, NCS is a natural home for SecureView focus and expertise.

SecureView 2.1 is available and NCS products will support any memory and processing power requireed for the heavy workloads associated with running many VMs. The NCS development team works extremely closely with component vendors to optimize our hardware solutions - Vortex and Stratus computers -  for SecureView implementations in government. NCS will deliver the exact form-factor needed, right up to full tower dual processor workstations. 

Please browse our homepage to learn more about NCS SecureView solutions, or simply download this handy brochure.

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