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NCS Supports USNA Class of 2021 Computer Issue Day

Posted by Rick Goodman on Jul 27, 2017 11:04:15 AM

NCS Supports US Naval Academy

Earlier this week, the US Naval Academy took delivery of four 53-foot-trailer loads of HP laptop computers, accessories, HP printers and Hyundai monitors to support the upcoming Issue Day for the USNA Class of 2021 Plebes.

With close coordination from USNA Midshipmen Store staff, NCS designed and provided a configuration for the more than 1200 issue kits. This enabled the Midshipmen Store staff, with the assistance of NCS personnel (Doug Eacker, Karen Jenkins, Rick Goodman, Gerardo Trinidad, Darrell Patterson and David Snyder, in the second photo below) to accomplish a much more efficient delivery and setup of the product than in years past. This also resulted in a more efficient review and acceptance by the Plebe class. The USNA Mid Store staff and Business Services Division staff were very pleased at the increased efficiency and speed in which this very large project was accomplished.

NCS is delighted to have the privilege of supporting the next class of our nation’s and allied partner nation’s Naval and Marine Corps officers. The level of customer service, attention to detail and dedication to our customer’s mission shown on this project is just another day at NCS.


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