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New Year's Resolution: End Point Virtualization

Posted by John Callahan on Dec 30, 2016 2:59:05 PM

Security Where It's Needed Most

We are approaching the weekend when most people make at least a few resolutions for the months ahead. Why not resolve for the New Year to implement VDI for more efficient end point security? Cirrus_LT.jpg

Simply put: having a "thin client" strategy is not good enough.  A thin client, a PC with a very small capacity hard drive and minimal local memory, is a halfway measure. A thin client retains some kind of OS, such as Windows Embedded™ or a customized Linux OS. Administrators hope that thin clients will be easier to administer and be lower in cost than traditional PCs. The reality is that by retaining a small OS, however, thin clients may remain more vulnerable to security exploitation and actually add to administrative complexity.

That's why many IT administrators now implement zero clients, which offer the most secure and easy-to-administer VDI option available. Zero clients are the next generation of desktop VDI.

A zero client has no local OS. The operating system resides in the data center. Therefore, there is no persistent user data, no patches, updates or antivirus software needed. 

NCS Technologies is the industry authority on zero clients. Key advantages of zero clients from NCS are:

  •          Mobile, portable (WiFi enabled) or desktop choices
  •          NSA Suite B security
  •          AES-256 encryption
  •          No hard drive
  •          No OS
  •          No local storage
  •          No persistent user data
  •          No antivirus needed


Resolve to Move to PCoIP Zero Clients

Some people considering virtualization may worry about performance. Worry not more. Invented by Teradici, PCoIP is the high performance networking protocol that provides an incredibly responsive desktop experience independent of location. A PCoIP card on a server in the data center compresses, encrypts and rapidly transports image pixels to the client device. At the client end, a Teradici processor decrypts, decompresses and securely displays secure pixels on the computer monitor. Users work effortlessly on any bandwidth-intensive tasks.

NCS has a zero client solution for every end-user need. Our portfolio includes:  
Cirrus LT - The industry's first zero client notebook PC
Cirrus LT Plus - A larger display, full keyboard and exciting options
Cirrus DT WiFi - A desktop with industry-leading portability and manageability
Cirrus TZ-202L - A desktop supporting up to two displays
Cirrus TZ-204L - A desktop supporting up to four displays

To learn more about our virtualization solutions, please download this brochure. And Happy New Year!Get The Zero Clients  Brochure


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