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NCS Solutions Cover All Aspects of Virtualization

Posted by Katie Callahan on Dec 19, 2017 11:11:17 AM

From the Desktop to the Data Center

For nearly five years NCS Technologies has been a global leader in desktop virtualization innovation. This blog will discuss our virtualized end point solutions, how they can be used in offices or out in the field, and how we partner with Getac and HP Enterprise to give us the reach to solve any customer problem.

HFMA-1.jpgRevolutionary Virtualized Notebooks

With the launch of the Cirrus LT, the industry's first zero client notebook PC, NCS was able to bring the benefits of truly mobile virtualization to such markets as healthcare, government, retail and financial services. Users were able to enjoy revolutionary productivity and security while moving through hospital corridors or opening a laptop in a guest workspace or conference room.

Users knew they were secure because Cirrus LT delivers NSA-approved Suite B security, AES-256 encryption and doesn't need annoying antivirus software. Because no persistent user data is stored, users are comfortable knowing even a lost or stolen PC is not a catastrophe. With a fully-functional docking station, a battery for portability and available Wi-Fi for connectivity, the original Cirrus LT was revolutionary and remains popular today.

Our second notebook, the highly secure Cirrus LT Plus, offers additional features for those desiring a full numeric keyboard, 15.6" screen, a HD display, optional 4G connectivity, an integrated smart card reader, optional proximity card and fingerprint reader capability, and an integrated second battery. 

Innovative Desktops, Too

To complement our virtualized notebooks, NCS has continued to innovate by rolling out the most comprehensive portfolio of virtual desktops in the industry. NCS offers the only virtualized desktop that delivers WiFi capability with dual display and 4K support. Our Cirrus DT WiFi is a hit both in North America and in Europe and has found applications in healthcare and the retails markets. In addition, NCS makes available industry-standard virtual desktops to support two displays and four displays.

NCS End Points A Part of Deployable Infrastructure Solutions

IT administrators are increasingly coming to NCS to learn more about our Deployable solutions. Some vendors exploit the industry by offering highly expensive "custom" solutions when off-the-shelf solutions, coupled with our innovative virtualized end points, are dramatically cheaper to implement.

By working closely with our rugged partner Getac, NCS Deployable Infrastructure Solutions deliver comprehensive IT infrastructure that can be quickly shipped and set up in the field, for industry, first responders and for the military.

NCS Deployable Infrastructure Solutions are based on the concept that all aspects of a network are sized for readily available rugged containers that can be shipped and set up nearly anywhere, running VMware vSphere. Our server appliances deliver all three network elements (storage, compute and network), plus software and services and VDI endpoints. Our deployable VDI workgroup can be a mix of NCS branded rugged servers, plus Getac rugged platforms, and NCS endpoints.

NCS Deployable Infrastructure Solutions are proven to improve manageability, reduce cost of ownership and improve security. If you have a need for IT infrastructure in a field setting, contact NCS to learn how we can help you meet your challenges.

End-to-End VDI in Partnership with HP Enterprise

As mentioned, NCS offers a complete VDI solution for the field based on Getac and NCS rugged server technologies, and a combination of Getac rugged notebooks and NCS virtualized zero client notebooks.

In addition, to address enterprise-level issues including data center consolidation, data protetion and disaster recovery, NCS partners closely with HP Enterprise to offer a full range of VDI solutions. Whether you are deploying a VDI environment for a mobile workforce or adding compute capacity to a datacenter, NCS and HPE has the expertise to support any VDI modernization plan. Please contact NCS Sales to learn more about the latest HPE hyper converged HC380 single SKU preconfigured bundles for an all-in-one compute, software-defined storage and intelligent visualization solution.

In other words, NCS has you totally covered with innovative NCS solutions, plus complete solutions via our partnerships with Getac and HP Enterprise. We listen to our customers and go in whatever direction needed to deliver exactly the solution that is required.

To learn more about NCS zero clients solutions, just download this brochure. To learn more about any of our solutions, please call an NCS Sales representative today.

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