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Rugged & Secure Solutions Featured at WEST

Posted by Katie Callahan on Feb 7, 2018 2:11:07 PM

See You at Booth #1010

WEST 2018, sponsored by AFCEA, enters Day Two at the San Diego Convention Center.  WEST is the premier naval coference on the West Coast, now in its 28th year of bringing naval and industry leaders together.

NCS showcases a broad range of technologies and solutions at the show. NCS is featuring its own zero client end point portfolio, as well as its renowned SecureView government security solutions. In addition, NCS is highlighting key hardware solutions from partners HP and Getac. Booth Visitors Are Looking Into SecureView from NCS

At this show guests at the booth are eager to learn about NCS' SecureView hardware portfolio. image for WEST.jpg

In a nutshell, SecureView helps locks down government secrets. The solution particularly addresses the need to protect employee access to multiple protected networks from one workstation or PC. Government and military are using virtualization tools at the desktop to secure sensitive and secret information. SecureView, developed by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and implemented by NCS, is the virtualization solution of choice.

SecureView runs multiple securely isolated environments on one PC or workstation, with hardware-enforced security. This increasingly popular security solution is the result of extensive and continuing development work by AFRL, the open source community, Assured Information Security and NCS Technologies. The latest version, SecureView 3.0, will be available in the spring of 2018.

SecureView is a low-cost, multiple-independent-levels of security (MILS) workstation-based-COTS technology which is based on Type 1 or bare metal client hypervisor. It allows single computer-to-host multiple-guest VMs running at different classification levels. NCS offers a variety of desktop and workstation systems running SecureView.

NCS Is Also Promoting HP End Points and Getac Rugged

NCS has the HP Elitebook 840 at the booth. The Elitebook 840 is impressively thin and light, and empowers users to create, connect, and collaborate, using enterprise-class performance technology that helps keep users productive in and out of the office. The Elitebook 840 is ideal for mobile professionals needing best-in-class, business rugged notebooks with enhanced system and graphic performance in a managed-IT environment. NCS is also showing the HP Pro x2 tablet detachable PC which delivers versatility, security and serviceability.

Also at the booth is the Getac B300 ultra rugged notebook. With state-of-the-art processors, long battery life, 4G LTE and one of the brightest displays, the 6th generation B300 delivers in some of the most extreme conditions on the planet. Also on display are the Getac V110 fully rugged convertinble notebook and the Getac F110 rugged tablet.

NCS Is the Zero Client Innovator

NCS is featuring two innovative selections from our zero client portfolio, the NCS Cirrus LT Plus and the Cirrus DT WiFi. The military are avid users of our patented zero clients.

Our desktop, mobile and portable zero client end points lead the industry in manageability, reduced cost of ownership and improved security. Event attendees are participating in demonstrations of all of our products and have been very eager to learn more about our broad portfolio of solutions.

VMware is our virtualization platform of choice. This platform improves the availability, peformance and utilization of IT resources. 

Ultra Secure Zero Clients

NCS offers a complete family of virtualized zero clients. The NCS portfolio includes:

* Zero Client Desktops With Dual Display - Cirrus TZ-202L & Cirrus DT 5220
* Zero Client Desktops With Quad Display - Cirrus TZ-204L
* WiFi Zero Client Desktops with Dual Display - Cirrus DT WiFi & Cirrus DT 5230
* Zero Client Laptops - Cirrus LT & Cirrus LT Plus

Can't make it to WEST? We can still bring you up to speed on our broad zero client solutions portfolio and our partner solutions. To speak to an expert immediately, please call Sales VP Joe Guest (phone: 703-595-3442). To read a brochure that will help you learn more about NCS desktop virtualization solutions, just download this collateral.

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